interior-designnOne can easily see a massive rise in the corporate offices in Delhi and there is a hope that the region would continue to grow its reputation as a breeding ground for corporate giants to spread their wings here. Companies, no matter small, big or large, all want to have a piece of land in the form of office to operate their business from Delhi to give their business a real boost which is why one could see that a number of companies are looking for experienced interior designing firm that would provide them a wonderful office in the most minimal of spaces. When it comes to interior designing in Delhi, there are not many firms that could compete with Synergy Corporate Interiors Pvt Ltd for that coveted Numero Uno spot in Delhi.

Being a prominent Interior designing firm, we, Synergy Corporate Interiors Pvt Ltd, are one of the few companies that have introduced the revered Turnkey Model for corporate interior designing in Delhi. We have been in this industry for more than 15 years and have made a great name for ourself on account of our exceptional personnel who deliver extremely great quality projects keeping in mind the varying requirements of corporates of all sizes.

Interior Designing for corporates is not that easy a job as it may seem as you have to think about a lot of aspects while also keeping in mind to make it simple yet attractive. This is why we take a lot of pride in our services as we provide just that and in really quick time. We know that interiors for any office is very significant because this is where all the work is going to be performed and therefore it should be made with a lot of meticulous preparation in order to build a perfect interior for corporates.

There are a lot of factors that has to be kept in mind while we perform corporate interior design for our clients; these factors are as follows:

1. Space allocation: the most focussed thing while we design office interiors are space allocation. There will be many subsections of the office that would run on a single floor, which is why we have to take extra care about allocating space for different subsections usually present in an office. This step also requires that we perform regular visits to the site along with meetings with the clients to get to know about their requirements better.

2. Concept Development: After going through the first step, the second step that comes in office interior design is of conceptual development wherein we formulate the concept in  the shape of diagrams and design. There are many things that we keep note of in this process which includes but not limited to light, colour and material selection.

3. Design Development: once we get through the above mentioned processes, we then design the project and present it to the client to let them aware of what we have conceptualized and designed.

4. Construction: the final step, after the design is being reviewed by the client, is the construction phase, which would be performed by some other firm but our team would pay regular visits to check if the work being performed is in compliance to our design or not.


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